As you grow up, the number of new experiences you can have reduces.  Some of the things that were once so exciting – going to the mall alone, having a drink, going to a party – aren’t as exciting anymore because they’re no longer new.  Experiences like that can become a rarity the older you get.  When was the last time you had a jaw dropping awe inspiring reaction to something? That being said, travelling will always bring that new, exciting, youthful, and at times intimidating feeling.  The best thing about being an adult is that going on quests to foreign lands aren’t just a thing of childhood fantasy anymore, it’s so attainable.

Travelling to Barcelona, Spain was an absolute treat.  People there were friendly, helpful and warm.  The architecture and city itself was gorgeous with its gothic history.  Also, being by a beach truly made the experience feel much like a holiday.  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from my trip, there’s more to come.

La Sagrada Familia

One of the main monuments in Barcelona is a basilica called ‘La Sagrada Familia.’  It is an old church designed by famed spanish architect Antonio Gaudi.  It was a beautiful gothic monument that towers over the whole city, the aim being that you will be able to view the top from any point of Barcelona.  It hasn’t been completed yet, therefore there is still lots of construction around.  It was started and created by Antonio Gaudi and carried on by Barcelona.

I love the gothic elements of this basilica.  Visiting a european country, I wanted to a see a life that is very different from what I know.  While Canada has a wonderful heritage, at least Toronto, doesn’t have architecture that even closely resembles this.  You want scenic view of the nature? We got it though.  I feel that all gothic architecture has an eery and mysterious emotion to it, and La Sagrada Familia colourfully reflects that emotion.  I say colourful because the interior and mainly the windows are just that: full of life and COLOURFUL.  With it’s large columns and larger windows, there is beauty all around to look at.  You can spend hours just looking around or there are guided tours.  If you are visiting Barcelona any time soon, this would be number one on my list to see.

Parc Guell

My reason for ever visiting Barcelona stemmed from my obsession with Parc Guell. Pronounced ‘park well.’ I have seen numerous bloggers and fashion labels have photoshoots at this park, and at this bench.  Since the first time I saw it online, I knew I HAD to see it in person.  I really wanted to sit by these beautiful mosaic tiled bench and take in the view.  Now that I have seen it, I can tell you that it is breathtaking!

The actual park itself is public and free to enter.  That being said, you do have to pay entrance to see the artwork present at this park.  It was also designed by Antonio Gaudi.  The same man who was the mind behind La Sagrada Familia.  At any tourist information kiosk, or entrances to these attractions, you can get a discounted package that allows you to see all/most of them.

When you enter the section that allows you to see the art, you will be greeted by a wide open space and the mosaic tiled benches on one end and a row of palm trees on the other.  Both very reminiscent of a classic summer holiday.  There are so many different elements of this park, you can go down the stairs and come across a beautifully designed lizard, run around a column maze and a rock cave.  I’m not kidding, its actually a movie setting.

Shoutout to that guy that sort of photobombed my picture haha 😉

More Information

If you’re planning on visiting Barcelona any time soon or want to learn more, here are some links to the places shown in this post.

La Sagrada Familia –
Parc Guell –
You can purchase tickets online, which I highly recommend.  Many city tour busses will drop you off right at the door step to these places. You can also take the metro, it’s very easy and Barcelona metro is quite advanced.

If you like these kind of travel posts and would like to see more, please do let me know in the comments.  I would also LOVE to know any of your travel adventures.  Also, are there any places you think I should visit?