Hi, I’m Natasha.
I am a 20-something living in Toronto, Canada thoroughly enjoying life right now.  This blog encompasses most of the things I love about life.  Here, you will find me explore my interests and passions ranging from travel to baking to all things makeup.

In a world where millennial are often looked down upon, I find having the liberty to create a blog to be empowering.  Social media and other networks seem to garner a stronger sense of self amongst youth, an increase in the consumption of information and creativity.  When we have such good things going for us, why not use it to our advantage?

Once Upon A Time …

This is my little space on the internet to write about the things I love and have fun with photography.  When I first discovered the blogging world, I was in high school.  I am now in University studying Business Management.  There are so many useful things I learnt about Beauty, Food and Culture while reading other blogs.  Around Summer of 2014 I decided to give it a go myself and ‘Natasha Lily’ was born.
As life changes, I hope to keep on keeping up this blog. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.