Are humans prone to negativity?  Negative news sells, we are hyperaware of our own insecurities and whether you like it or not, we are extremely judgemental and hurtful to one another.   So, it begs the question, are we as a species innately negative or is this pessimism something we learn as we age?

I ask this because my life is consistently littered with negativity either from my own doing or external circumstances.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to deduce this but I would even go to say that YOUR life has it too.

If our world was a story book, then negativity and depression has to be the perfect villain.  A villain so smart, that it takes over your own thoughts, emotions and behaviour to make you self-destruct.

With all this being said, if we have negativity in our lives and if it is adversely impacting the quality of our lives, it leaves us only one topic of discussion.  How do we beat it? How do we fight it? How do we overcome it?  We have this villain, but we also have tools in our arsenal to combat the things that make us blue.  These are a few of mine.


The Bigger Picture

Seeing the bigger pictures helps in reducing the impact of negativity because it puts your worries into perspective.  I often worry and get stressed over things that truly, in the long run don’t really matter.  Even if they do matter, it’s not worth being negative over because some events or people don’t have as much influence over your life as you might think.  Getting that parking spot, feeling guilty over that one cookie or slice of pizza, when someone cuts you off while driving, missing a train or a bus, being 10 minutes late.  Is your overall longterm health or life going to change if you stress over those small things? No, so you might as well not.

Only Do What Makes You Happy

If I am going through a particularly depressive time in my life, the best way I have learnt to deal with it is to let go of the things that are obviously causing those feelings.  It’s ok to cut people off.  If they are bringing bad vibes and making you a worse version of yourself, its ok to let them go.  You don’t have to burn bridges but you don’t have to entertain negative people either.

My blog, Netflix, Corgis, Makeup, Music, Baths.  These are a few of the things that will always bring joy to me so when i’m having a down moment, I will fill my day’s schedule with those activities.

Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes our goals, the things we want to accomplish will bring negativity into our lives.  I can confidently say that university has challenged every aspect of my patience to deal with it.  Some days I thrive, and genuinely take pride is pursuing a degree.  Other days I just cry, and want to beat my textbooks with a hammer.  Like Dory says, ‘just keep swimming just keep swimming.’  Learning how to deal with a real life crisis while in the path to accomplishing your dreams is a life skill.  If you can keep your life from falling apart while your head feels like its in a burning room, you’re a rockstar.

Shop The Post Or Similar

I thought I would do something a bit different this week and write my first style post along with one about self-development.  I have written posts about fashion before but never a typical ‘Outfit of the Day’ or ‘Style Diary’ type of post — where it showcases my personal style.  Most of the ones in this particular outfit aren’t available in the shops anymore so I have linked similar options.
I really do hope you enjoyed this kind of blog post from me.  Its something new! If you’d like to see more of this, please let me know in the comments below and I’d be sure to do more fashion ones.