Have you ever wanted success in your life?

I think humans as a collective tend to have a habit of keeping one foot in the past and one foot in the future.  (Maybe it’s fulfilling some subconscious need to be in two places at once, eh?) We always seem to want success but we never stop to notice whether we have it already in our lives.

We all have an image in our heads of who we want to be — the more successful version of ourself.  Well, that person probably has traits that you have now.  In an aim to bring more positivity in the world (because let’s be honest, some days it is hard to be optimistic), I have compiled a list of signs that already make you a successful person.  Let’s not wait to have the perfect job, house and car to be that person.


You have a goal.

This is where it all starts.  However small or big, if there is something in your life that you want to accomplish then congrats!  You have just made the first step to being a success.  Maybe your goal was to complete your education, get a promotion, run a marathon or simply to get out of the bed in the morning.  If you have intentionally and honestly set out to do something, then you have just overcome (in my opinion) the toughest hurdle to living the life of your dreams.  You made a choice to better yourself when you could have chosen to stay the same.


Your current actions are helping you make that goal a reality.

Goals? Anyone can make goals.  So you want to accomplish something? Chances are you have gone about trying to make it happen.

Not too long ago, in the midst of exams, my friend and I were discussing the stress of attaining our Bachelor’s degree.  He said something I will never forget.  He was filling out a form where he had to indicate his highest level of education. At that point for us, it was Grade 12 Highschool.  He had been through 3 years of rigours formal post-secondary education, yet it didn’t matter.  This is because he wasn’t finished, we hadn’t graduated with degree in hand, yet.  Therefore, the goal didn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter what you set out to do, it matters how you finish.

If you have a goal and you are doing something about it, congrats! You are already incredibly driven and successful!


You have made mistakes and learnt from them.

There is a popular saying used in management: Which teaches you more, success or failures?  Failures.
Most people that I have asked if they have regrets in their life will say they don’t, because even failures taught them a valuable lesson.  I think its very human of us to fail and trip over ourselves.  It really doesn’t make you any less perfect, intelligent or brilliant.  If you make the same mistake over and over and not learn, well maybe that makes you a bit less intelligent. I could use many cliches to elaborate because it really is true.  Just because you have screwed up, it doesn’t make you a screw up.

If you have made a mistake in your life, well done, you are no different than anyone else.  Pat yourself on the back because you have a new tool in your ‘life skills’ box. If you feel that you’ve never made mistakes in your life, please see your doctor.


You keep a track of your money.

Let’s speak as a matter of fact.  Money is the number one way most people measure success.  I find it to be a habit of successful people to always know where they stand with their bank balance.  I’m not talking about earning within a certain tax bracket.  You are right on the money if you have your bank accounts organised (pardon the pun). All I mean is, if you keep a constant eye on what you’re spending, saving etc., then you have a habit many successful people have.  I call it a habit because good money management is something that I believe can be learnt and mastered.


You are connected with your social network.

I read in Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point, that some of the most successful people have people collections.  It sounds creepy at first, do they collect the skins and DNA of people like they do with stamps and coins, how do they store this? No, just kidding!  It simply means that they are always eager to meet new people, make a conscious effort to keep their contact information and to learn about them.  Everyone knows a people collector.  Someone who strikes up a conversation with everyone they meet.  Someone who knows everyone.

Even if you are not this, chances are that you have a social network.  However small or large, accomplished or not, you keep up with them.  Your friends and family are the number one resource to a better life.  Once you have that (and you do!), you have mastered the ultimate skill to being a successful person.

If you are having a down day, I hope you read this post and find some solace in the fact that you are probably kicking ass at life.  Sending all the love from me to you.  If you liked this kind of content, let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to write more.