My birthday fell on a Monday this year.  There’s not much of a party you can have on a monday evening because the next day is a work day.  I ended up having a birth-weekend, it was great!  Lots of dinner and drinks from friday onwards.  It was such an incredible time.

Turning 23 wasn’t as huge of a deal as previous birthdays.  I really just wanted to have a good weekend.  I realised that the number one thing that makes for a good birthday isn’t the cake, the presents or the events, its spending time with friends and family.  Cheesy I know.  I actually had my first ever massage at a great little spa in Oakville, Ontario called the Rosewater Spa.  I went for a swedish massage, I swear the hour went by so quick and it really just undid a terrible knot I had in my neck.  Are you someone who likes the birthday attention or nah?  Personally, I love all the phone calls haha

On sunday, I went to a popular resto called ‘The Good Fork.’  It is on the borders of Etobicoke and Toronto.  There wasn’t a particular reason I wanted to visit it apart from the fact that they offer brunch and they are in an area of Toronto I wasn’t familiar with.  I really want to get to know different parts of Toronto more so expect lots of different. fun posts to come as I go on these adventures.

Food and Beverages

The food here was exceptional, their menu is very impressive.  They have a decent number of options but the food options they do offer is amazing.  We had Huevos Rancheros and Spanish Hash.  Both were very delicious.  They also offer Red Velvet Pancakes which sounds so yummy.  Their smoothies were very good. I had a raspberry and mint one which was refreshing and a great accompaniment to the food they offer.


There was a LONG wait for brunch as I suspect this is normal for every weekend.  They put us down on a list and texted when the table was ready.  The service itself was fast and the waiter was friendly.  The long wait was such a turn off though.


When you enter the restaurant, there is a large grey curtain that you have to walk through, it was a bit odd and inconvenient.  It did make for a different experience and it blocked out the sunlight when it was too strong though.  There are two levels and lots of natural light.  I feel that they could have done something really unique but overall it was good, clean and satisfactory.

Where To Find Them

Phone: (647) 392-5955
Address: 2432 Bloor St W,
                  Toronto, ON
                   M6S 1P9

Are you a brunch person? If you know of any good brunch places, be sure to let me know in the comments!