Urban Decay is a brand that I have been purchasing for a while.  I was lucky enough to be gifted the Naked 3 Eyeshadow palette by my friends last year.  The colours are all built on top of pink/gold/taupe hues.  They are all very flattering everyday wear colours. Skimlinks Test

From the ‘Naked’ range, there are currently 4 Palettes that Urban Decay offers.  The first is bronze toned, the second is neutral toned, the third is rose toned and the fourth ‘Naked Smokey’ is cool toned.  Each palette has twelve unique shades and comes with a brush.  For a ‘high end’ makeup range, I think that these palettes are quite affordable.  They run for about $60.  Other brands offer individual pots of eyeshadows for $15 each.  So, for 12 good quality eyeshadows offered in a range of colours, I think this is great!  I myself own the first one, the third one and naked smokey.  They’re all such incredible colours.

A great dupe for this is the Revlon The Blushed Nudes Palette and the L’Oreal LA Palette 2.  I haven’t checked out the quality on either of them, I tend to stick with higher end eyeshadows.  If you’d like to know more about the Naked 3 Palette, then keep on reading!

The Palette

The palette itself comes with a range of great shades.  It has great colour pay off, they are creamy and easy to blend.  The only qualm I have is that there is a lot of fallout. That being said, most eyeshadows have fall out so it’s a small price to play.  Just have to make sure you do your eyeshadow first so that it doesn’t disturb your foundation and other face makeup.  The packaging itself is much more durable and easier to clean than the first naked palette.  I know some people think this one is a bit dinky but I think it’s fine.  The naked smokey palette is much better though, an improvement on this.

I found ‘Limit’ and ‘Nooner’ to be great crease shades and ideal for blending out any of the darker colours.  ‘Trick’ doesn’t have as good of a payoff but once you use the top few layers, it tends to get better.  It has a beautiful duo chrome sheen to it.

The Look With Rose Gold Tones

To create a rose gold toned look, I started off by sweeping the colour ‘Limit’ across my crease with a fluffy brush.

Next, I packed on ‘Trick’ on to my lid.

Using a blending brush, I blended ‘Nooner’ into my crease to deepen the colour.

I used the Makeup Forever Aqua Matic Eyeshadow stick to highlight my inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone.

Lastly, I lined my eyes with a gel black eyeliner, put on some mascara and called it a day!

I think it makes for a great daytime/everyday look.  Very easy to chuck on a busy day when you don’t have much time but still want to put in the effort.

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