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Whether you live in Canada or are here for travel, visiting the Niagara Falls is a right of passage.  I know so many tourists to come to Canada just for the purpose of seeing it.  I have been there so many times that I have lost count.  Each time it’s breathtaking.

It doesn’t happen often, but last winter the Niagara Falls froze.  It may have been due to the ridiculous cold that the polar vortex brought but it did make for a beautiful sight.  Christmas takes along with it the general cheer and so, us canadians are normally left with white skies, little sunlight and a lot of cold.  I don’t mind it normally but boy was this a sight for sore eyes.

When I found out that the falls were frozen (or partially frozen), I jumped at the chance to see it.  I went with all my curiosity just to find out what a waterfall would look like completely frozen.  I gotta tell you, it was quieter than normal.

Although this was last year, these pictures turned out so well so I thought I might share them with you.  Incase you didn’t get to see them, maybe these photos will make you feel like you were there, experiencing it first hand.  Enjoy!