I am so happy to be back blogging again, it has been a while.  We are also on a new platform and layout too! How exciting! I have been working on this redesign for what feels like a very long time.

I think it’s nice to have a break sometimes, life happens.  The streets get busy, leaves turn from green to red, christmas lights glisten, snow falls and before you know it, you are ringing in the new year. In regard to my blog, I missed it.  In the bustling business of our lives, there is something so romantic and old-school of sitting down and reading a few words and scrolling through pictures.  Personally, I love reading blogs because I get to vacate my life for a few seconds and be completely engrossed in someone else’s.  Plus, the creativity and inspiration is endless!

So sit back, get a nice cuppa tea and enjoy the rest of this post.

New Year, New You

It’s nice now and again to recharge for the year ahead and set some goals.  I have always been the type of person to scoff at new years resolutions because a new year shouldn’t be the only time one contemplates their goals, it should be a year round thing.  Then I thought, the new year is actually a great excuse to set them again! Why not! Here’s a few of mine:

Get Healthy – The age old veteran new years resolution.  Its a great one to concentrate on this time of year though to undo some of the chocolate and booze filled damage we may have done over the holidays. I know I did! Unbeknownst to me, I ended up eating healthier last year than ever before.  This year, I don’t want to blow it.  More smoothies and quinoa it is!

Be Kinder –Whether it is to others or yourself, I think all adults have a tendency to be negative.  I am my harshest critic, there are a lot of people like this.  No matter how critical family or friends can get of me, I am the worst friend to myself.  This year, I want to be kinder to myself and others.  Theres no room for negative vibes or people in my life.

Cut out the lattes – While I can’t promise to never drink a latte ever again, I do want to reduce how many I drink or how much.  I am really enjoying loose leaf tea at the moment so that helps!

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