Hey hey hey!

I went to Lush recently.  Big mistake there.  I know some people swear by it and others are very turned off by the copious amount of fragrances that hit you when you walk in.  Personally, I like it, it smells clean and fresh to me.  Probably because the whole store is filled with soap.

I’m not a regular Lush junkie but I popped in there because I wanted to give a few of their bath products a go.  Specifically, I wanted to try their relaxing, calming and sleep-inducing ones.  Whenever things get a little too much, a nice bath always does the trick to ease muscles and take life’s problems away.  (Temporarily at least)

So, from the top left of the picture above …

Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar (White, Blue and Pink Flower) – I think this is the most heavenly smelling one.  It smells so fresh and has the perfect balance of floral and citrus scents to it.  It’s also a colourful one in the bath.

Dorothy Bubble Bar (Blue Base, Yellow and Orange Rainbow) – This one smells a bit like an orange and a bit floral.  It’s supposed to help you unwind and calm down after a long day.

Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt (Cream block with the word ‘Dream Time’ on it, how apt) – This is one that I wanted to try really bad because it has lavender and chamomile in it, perfect for a night where you might find it hard to sleep.  Definitely saving it for down the line!

Green Bubbleroon Bubble Bar (Green round sandwich thingy) – This is a bit more berry and lime smelling.  I bought it primarily because when you touch it, its so moisturising.  It has Fair Trade (yay) shea butter and coconut oil in it.  Great for when your skin needs an extra kick of hydration.

All the ones listed above can be sliced or crumbled up into halves.  You don’t have to use the whole product at once.  That’s the great thing about those, you get a few uses out of each product.  On the other hand, the bath bombs are very fun to use but only a one time thing.  Damn those bath bombs, what a tease.  You just pop the whole thing into the tub and watch it fizz away and do it’s magic in the bath.

Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb (Huge Orb with Golden Shimmers) – This is one that isn’t available on its own, it comes as part of the ‘Relax, Take a Bath’ Set.  I like these sets because they make for great presents and they are also a good way to introduce yourself to the brand.  This one has lavender and shimmers in it so it’s relaxing and glamorous at the same time.  At the same time!

Rose Queen Bath Bomb (Small Pink Orb at the far right) – Rose scented products are usually very pungent and strong, I really dislike that.  This one though smells like roses and essential oils.  The mixture of the fragrances is quite nice of an escape.  I think with this one, as the bath bomb fizzes into the water, it releases rose petals.  What a treat!

Are you a bath or shower person?

What do you think of Lush products?  Leave a comment below!