Hello, I have a review for you today.

Face treatments of any kind provide a great benefit to your skin. Behind classing, exfoliating, moisturising and protecting, good face masks often leave a lasting positive change in your skin.  This clay mask, Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Treatment Purifying Mask (now called, Mattifying Mask) does exactly what it says, it purifies the skin.  I chose a clay mask particularly because they have been used for centuries and are known to be anti-inflammatory, therapeutic and cooling.  It is known to be used by people who suffer with acne or oily skin more but I think that if you use it the right way, even people with dry skin can benefit from it.  The only recommendation I would have with using any clay mask is to not let it dry completely.  As the mask dries, it does a few things including: absorbing the minerals as well as stimulating blood flow.  This being said, if you let a clay mask thoroughly dry before rinsing, it will dehydrate your skin and cause future irritations.  So don’t let it get too light in colour or flaky in texture before rinsing, it should be slightly tacky to the touch.

Price – $57.00

What it claims it does 
A multifunctional treatment that can be used as an instant detoxifying face mask, a daily purifying face cleanser, or a spot treatment for blemishes and irritations.

What I think it does 
If your skin is acting up, getting itchy, flaky, and acne has developed, then this is a great product to use.  It seems to be doing wonders to mine in the summer months more than in the winter.  Fresh is a good skincare company because they are known to only use natural ingredients in their products.  They also study and use beauty practices from around the globe.  You must have heard of their lip balm or their sugar scrubs.  If you have sensitive skin, (and my god I do) this is definitely worth a try.  The tube itself needs to be well shaken before use, otherwise it gets watery.  Is it worth the price mark? I think so because anything that your skin is going to absorb better be natural and of good quality.  I would not recommend any mask though unless you have a proper skincare regime in place already.  Should this be one of your first skincare products to buy? No, buy cleansers and moisturisers first.  I also don’t think it is completely multifunctional.  It is a good mask and can work as a cleanser, naturally any mask will cleanse your skin.   It did reduce the blemishes on my skin but I don’t think it’s a spot treatment.  It can cleanse and reduce blemishes but it won’t work as a daily cleanser would or how a spot treatment is meant to.  Overall, I love it, I would repurchase it but i’d like to also see what else is out there.  I am definitely intrigued enough to discover more from this brand.