Happy Sunday!

I wanted to share with you some simple ways you can make your morning more efficient.  They are small tasks and also a few things to remind yourself of in the morning that will help set a good tone for the rest of your day.  Lets crack on with it!

1.  Drink a glass to a litre of water as soon as you wake up.  (Hydration, yummy! <3)

2.  Think of 4 things you are thankful for while brushing your teeth.  Look at yourself in the mirror, be affirmative of your intentions.  Gratitude will attract more and more positive outcomes into your life!

3.   Life is what you make it, so intend to make your day good.  Stick your intention even when small negative things happen to you, like missing your train, getting a bad test result, getting into a fight with family.  An intention could take the form of writing out a things-to-do list, having reminders, a calendar, or even being inspired by a motivational quote.

4.  Happiness and positivity is a skill, success is a lifestyle.  Neither is a result of the other.  If you have committed to a long-term goal, know that achieving it is not going to make you happy in the long run.  But being positive on the road to achieving it, will.  So be reminded of that every morning and commit to being positive throughout the day in order to bring success into your life.

5.  Count your blessings.  No one can guarantee that you’re going to live another day, let alone live another day being healthy.

I hope this brightens up your mornings.  What are some simple tasks you do in the morning that helps bring positivity into your life?

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