I’m back now with another fashion list, I love writing these lists.  Is that weird?  Anyway … I hope you find this useful.  I think it’s imperative to have good fashion and beauty skills under one’s belt by the time you turn 30.  By no means have I mastered all of them but this list is a really good starting point and guide for anyone in their twenties to work themselves to generally being much more put together.

1.  Have a go-to signature look.  Mine has been a red lip and cat eye for beauty.  For fashion, I always go for a white blouse and black pants and a chic watch or statement necklace.

2.  Learn to dress sexy but not scandalous. Don’t overdo it and look like you’re seeking attention.  Don’t be that person.

3.  Make the most out of your features and your body.  Figure out what works on you, fashion and makeup doesn’t translate the same on everybody.  Or in other words, work what your mamma gave ya!

4.  Master business casual for your work environment.  Know what the office attire is for where you work.  It’s not ideal to strut around in heels in a labour intensive environment or to wear extremely trendy clothing in a corporate environment.

5.  Learn how to pose for a picture without having to retake it a million times.  This one has lots to do with confidence and accepting ones self and maybe knowing how to work camera angles too.

6.  Know how to spend your money on fashion investments without having buyers remorse or having your card be declined as you pay for it.  Basically, think about what you’re buying especially if it is expensive.

7.  Learn to pack your handbag and keep it organised.

8.  Dress for any occasion formal or business events.  Learn to pick an outfit without emptying the contents of your wardrobe, having a mini meltdown and crying over ranting text messages to your girlfriends.  I’m only saying this because I go through this dilemma all the time.

9.  Make sunscreen the most important step in your beauty regime.

10. Learn to layer and develop a casual-chic look without looking like a hobo.

11. Master the following makeup looks: A sultry smokey eye, winged eyeliner, contouring, and blending foundation.  It’ll be so useful to switch up between these.

12. Learn to maintain and care for shoes, jewellery and clothes to get the most out of them.  No one looks good in a crumply and faded t-shirt.

13. Last and definitely the most cruel, keep your closet organised, once and for all.  The hardest one in my opinion.

I hope you can set a mini long-term challenge to accomplish a few, if not all of the things on this list.  I think most women would already possess some of the skills so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Did I miss any fashion or beauty skills that you think is important?

Which one of these do you need to work on the most?