My latest obsession has been pastel and ladylike colours for nails.  It was just coincidence that all the pastel colours I owned turned out to be Essie, I don’t know, OPI hasn’t been rocking my boat lately.  I also had a nail polish fiasco recently.  I put a BodyShop body oil in my drawer where I keep all my nail polishes and the lid was a little bit open (a little bit, like a tiny bit open.)  So obviously the universe has just such a great sense of humour and the whole bottle exploded and now all my nail polishes smell like sweet lemon oil.  The whole point of the story is that most of them aren’t opening anymore but I was able to save a few Essie ones.  So in no particular order, here are my most recent pastel favourites!

P.S. For some reason in the main image, they are appearing a little brighter than they are, so I haven’t edited any of the other ones to give you a true representation of the colours.


Essie Bikini So Teeny – A periwinkle blue, layers nicely.  So creamy.


Essie Sparkly On Top – I love to just wear it on its own, its so princess-y.  I know it’s not a pastel but it’s too fitting to not add in.


Essie Blanc – Such a vibrant white.  Is that possible? Its very opaque and so chic for this season.


Essie Fiji – A well loved baby pink.  It’s almost empty!  You definitely need a few thin coats but it’s such a cult favourite and once you try it, you’ll definitely understand why.


Essie Lilacism – I love this lavender pastel because it’s so creamy and makes ones nails look so polished. It’s also the colour i’m wearing right now!  Hope you liked a few of my choices!