In my opinion, one of the best traits to posses is knowing when to spend and when not to.  By knowing when not to spend I don’t mean saving, I mean stopping yourself from impulse shopping.  I think we’ve all done it, it’s the thrill that really gets to us.  Apart from the adrenaline, some other key signs of impulse shopping is when you buy yourself an item you already have something similar to, like two lipsticks of a similar shade (I know i’ve done this), buying something just because something is on sale, or buying something because your friend has it and you want to make a statement about having it too.  (I know people who have done this)

What I do instead of immediately acting on the impulse to have a beauty or fashion item is that I wait three days.  I’ve told friends of mine this and it always seems to work.  If you want something but you don’t need it by all means try it on and enjoy that but if you’re unsure, wait three days.  If you still are thinking about how amazing it is and if you are planning outfits in your head (everyone does this right? just me?) then by all means go back and get it.  Give this a shot next time, trust me your wallet will thank you for it!