First off, before I talk about the gifts i’d recommend for father’s day, I want to acknowledge and bring to attention how amazing and relevant the mustache bracelet in the above image is.  How cute for fathers day! (Am I right?)  I hope you enjoy looking through my suggestions as I had making it.

1. RayBan Aviator Sunglasses – A really cool look and suitable on nearly all men.
2. Terogorma Whisky Lover Set – This particular set comes with 2 Avva Tumblers and 6 Whisky Stone Cubes.  If you can’t find this specific set, it’s okay!  Whisky Stones/Cubs in general are a very interesting present to give.  You should be able to find similar ones.
3. Cologne: Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme/Bleu De Chanel – Cologne is definitely a present that one should try before buying but I can assure you these two scents are HEAVENLY and I can bet any man in your life with appreciate receiving them.
4. The Alchemist – Books are a great present because they can be personal.  This one is a great read, highly recommended!
5. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation – A great little gadget to carry around.  If you’re in the middle of no where and your battery is at 10% (we’ve all been there) this is a portable charging station.  Great for the always busy tech-savy dad.
6. Fossil Estate Leather Framed Duffle Bag – I love leather duffle bags and think it’s just so classy.  A good choice for a father who travels a lot or is just in need of a new one.  
7. J. Crew Clothing – J. Crew has an amazing collection for men.  Treat your dad to a few nice pieces. Men hardly shop for themselves and when they do they just go in, and get out really quick.  It’s so refreshing (and fun and stress free) to me to shop for men.  
8. Sports Jersey – If you’re dad is really into following and playing sports, a jersey is a great idea to show that you support his favourite team!  
9. Jack Black Face Buff Energising Scrub – A pre-shave face cleanser that removes dead skin, black heads and unclogs pores to get a very even and close shave.  Jack Black has an amazing men’s range, I’d recommend their whole core collection but this in particular.  

Other Suggestions 
Camping Gear – Rain Jacket or Comfortable Shoes
3 Piece Tool Set for Grilling
Leather Banded Watch or a Travel Bag

I think it’s especially harder to shop for men as compared to women not just because women have more variety but men usually never expect anything.  I know for certain that most men who I am close to prefer to have a good day full of fun activities rather than a present.  If your dad is like that then take him for a beer tasting and a brewery tour, if he is into sports go to a sports game, if he is outdoorsy go for a hike or camping and if he’s especially close to his car then surprise him by getting a car wash and top up the tank.  I promise you, even if they don’t express it in words or cuddles (like us women do), they’ll very much appreciate the time they get to spend with you.  (AWW enough soppy-ness)  Happy Father’s Day!