Having good food and wine is really important to me.  Growing up, i’ve never been one for partying or clubbing but authentic and well made food and good quality wine has always been exciting to me.  And so, this is how my travels as a ‘foodie’ began.

One of the most talked about restaurants to visit in Toronto has been the Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill.  It is owned by the Oliver & Bonacini Restauraunts Company and was founded by Peter Oliver and Michael Bonacini.  They are responsible for amazing restaurants such as Canoe and Auberge Du Promier.  These restaurants have been providing excellent and celebrated dining experiences in the GTA for over 25 years and have helped secure Toronto’s name in being one of the best cities for an outstanding culinary experience.

While their other restaurants are fine dining, the Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill is a mid-range yet gourmet restaurant.  The location I went to is in downtown Toronto on Yonge and Front.  It’s in the heart of the downtown core and the atmosphere inside reflects the extravagance of city life.  The ambience is clean, white (in chairs and tables), and the innovative architecture is catered toward the trendy professionals that most certainly frequent the restaraunt.  I love it so much, I’ve been back twice already!

The service i’ve experienced there have been nothing short of outstanding: very helpful, informed about the menu, and friendly.  On one occasion, I was sick when I went and the waiter that assisted us was so attentive and repeatedly inquired if i’d like tea or anything else to rid me of my flue.  I really appreciated that!

The menu has something for everyone no matter if you’re vegetarian or a meat eater.  They also have a thoroughly researched wine menu. (I really appreciated that)  If you’re just getting into wine, this restaurant would be a good place to start for great recommendations.

The heart of this restaurant company though isn’t in their accomplishments, it’s in their food.  Here’s a few dishes that either i’ve had or my family/friends.

Chefs Special – I believe it was Spiced and marinated Lamb on a bed of Spinach and Potato Puree

Pizza Margherita – It was delicious!

Classic Vanilla Bean Creme Brule

Shrimp and Scallop Linguine
Butternut Squash Ravioli